Alexa Business Model About More Than Shopping Revenue

Amazon’s CEO dismisses the notion that Alexa is all about cashing in on an ever present, voice-activated shopping app, we’re told in Yahoo’s article, “Jeff Bezos Says We Have it All Wrong About Amazon’s Alexa.” Bezos asserts their priority is to explore the potentials of voice– playing music, controlling appliances, etc. Writer Matt Weinberger observes:

As people build more ‘skills’ for Alexa, they’re still working out how and where it can be useful. … Still, Bezos’ comments shake up the conventional wisdom on Alexa’s role in Amazon’s grand strategy.

As Bezos notes, (unless reordering) shopping really requires some sort of screen. Our question: is he sincere, or attempting to misdirect the competition? There are rumors Echo may be about to grow a touch screen.

Cynthia Murrell, March 2, 2017