Amazon Rekognition Now Estimates Age

It is a good thing lying about one’s age has gone out of style. I Programmer reports, “Amazon Rekognition Can Now Estimate Your Age.” Writer Lucy Black reports on Rekognition’s remarkable progress identifying images, calling it the closest thing Amazon has to a true neural network service. Give it a photo, she writes, and then:

The data it can return varies from a bounding box to emotion, gender, eyes open, etc. Now it also includes an estimated age range for a person.

For now, the age ranges are pretty broad—“38 to 57,” for example. The article discusses this program and other Amazon AI undertakings, like Amazon AI Services (part of AWS), language-processing system Lex, and text-to-speech service Polly. See the article for more details.

Cynthia Murrell, March 3, 2017