The Sellers Guide to Winning over Amazon Alexa

The article titled The Complete Guide to Amazon Alexa SEO on Search Engine Journal positions Amazon as ahead of the smart home curve with their digital assistant, Alexa. The bulk of the article is dedicated to helping third-party sellers improve their search rank so that Alexa chooses their product. Of course, Alexa can help you purchase something on Amazon, and even recommend specific brands and products based on the keywords she is given. The article states,

Amazon has already confirmed that Amazon’s Choice is the program that determines which products Alexa purchases for users. While there is currently no option to submit a product to the Amazon’s Choice program, the company has revealed some of the requirements for being chosen. We know that the product needs to be available via Prime through the Fulfillment by Amazon or through the Seller Fulfilled Prime program to be eligible… Amazon also looks at price, rating, reviews and shipping speed.

Other important markers include sellers that have a history of buyers. Conversion rates also play into this in the Amazon algorithm, and the article details the best way to send potential buyers to Amazon when they are ready to make a purchase. As far as SEO, the best practices include using images, following Amazon’s title formula, and the inclusion of relevant keywords. Read the full article to get more tips on how to strategically optimize your Amazon page.

Chelsea Kerwin, March 6, 2017