Cook with Alexa, Joule, and Facebook Messenger

Alexa can help you cook with a high-tech piece of kitchen equipment; Digital Trends reports, “Amazon’s Alexa Can Be Your Extra Hands in the Kitchen with ChefSteps’ Joule.” Alexa’s partner here, Joule, is a computer-controlled heating cylinder that, combined with a vessel of water, can cook sous-vide style. One can control Joule with voice commands through Alexa, and now one can use Facebook Messenger to perform precision cooking. Remotely. Writer Lulu Chang notes:

[ChefSteps] will watch how its customers use the device with Alexa and expand skills and tasks from the feedback. They will be training the Alexa skill set how to cook steak and other specific foods.

Sounds great. But will Joule automatically turn off when the cat knocks it off the counter?

Cynthia Murrell, March 8, 2017