Alexa Is Taking over the TV Experience Too

Amazon recently introduced Alexa enabled remote for Fire TV Stick that seamlessly controls the Fire TV Stick, something which is missing in other streaming devices like Chromcast, TV and Apple TV.

BoingBoing in a product review New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Is a Big Improvement over the Previous Model says:

Recently Amazon introduced the new Fire TV Stick, which is better in many ways than the old version. It has Alexa voice control built into the remote, so you can just ask it to play or search for a show.

Earliest adopters of Fire TV Stick complained of sluggish interface and difficult navigation. However, with Alexa powered remote, everything becomes a breeze. Issues like poor Wi-Fi reception or connectivity have been taken care of. With the onslaught of streaming services and compatible devices, cable content distribution is going to move online. Allowing AI like Alexa to control it will make the experience even more fulfilling. Alexa has taken a big leap ahead of its competitors for certain.

Vishal Ingole, March 15, 2017