Keeping Alexa Users Happy

Although Amazon claims that Alexa has over 10,000 skills that users can utilize, reports suggest that only 3% skills are regularly used by its users. This calls for better understanding of user behavior so that more users can start utilizing the AI powered personal assistant to its full capabilities.

VentureBeat in an article titled 5 Ways Popular Alexa Skills Keep Users Coming Back says:

According to the 2017 Voice Report, only three percent of all Alexa skills and Google Assistant conversation actions see usage by return visitors a week after the service has been activated.

Alexa and other AI assistants are at the same juncture where Internet based sellers were in mid-90s. Echo, Dot and other Alexa powered devices are a novelty right now. Users mostly are making the purchases for curiosity sake. Once the curiosity is satisfied, the smart speakers are relegated to the status of just-another-smart-but-not-so-useful device. In order to make it truly useful, app makers need to understand what can keep on bringing the users back again and again to their device. And since Alexa does not have a display, neither kitty videos or porn is going to help here.

Vishal Ingole, March 16, 2017