Want to Test Drive Alexa? Reverb is the Answer

Reviews point out that Alexa is more efficient than Apple’s Siri. However, iOS and Mac users who want to test drive Alexa have to purchase Echo or Dot. Reverb however can let you try out Alexa without purchasing any of these devices.

According to Apple Insider, in an article titled Updated Reverb App Tries to Bring Alexa to the IPhone and Mac, the author says:

The prevailing wisdom is that Alexa is superior to Siri —but your mileage may vary and so might your need for privacy. But, if you wait to hear about Amazon’s sales figures you’re going to wait a long time.

Alexa in Reverb has extremely limited capabilities. Even to wake-up Alexa, the mic button needs to be activated and a command can be given only then. Reverb also cannot identify your precise location, thus it will keep on telling you whether reports of some other city. And lastly, you cannot order anything over Alexa. As stated in the article, Reverb can let you get the taste of Alexa in a very limited way. To truly explore the full potential, you need a proper Alexa powered device.

Vishal Ingole, March 17, 2017