Google Assistant at Crossroads?

Though launched in May of 2016, Google Assistant still has no clear-cut strategy defined on how it plans to capture the market. So far it seems to be just aping what its competitors are doing.

IB Times in an OpEd titled Google Doesn’t Really Know What It’s Doing with Its Assistant says:

If Google wants Assistant to emerge as the de facto voice interface for billions of people around the globe, it needs to get its message right, and begin telling the world exactly what it plans on doing.

Assistant was Google Pixel exclusive initially. The AI-powered personal digital assistant then made inroads into Android-powered watches and certain Android phones. However, Google made the mistake of not keeping its device makers in the loop.

Google should not forget that it enjoys a dominant position in the OS market because of a multitude of vendors that use its mobile OS. But again, it’s just warm-up period with Alexa in the lead, and in all probability, Google has time to catch-up. Fearing that they may get left behind, Google associates like Samsung and Huawei are already in the process of developing their own AI assistants. Ok Google?

Vishal Ingole, March 21, 2017