Intelligent Workplaces Yet to be a Reality

AI driven search has already made its way into mobile devices. However, for the technology to make inroads into enterprise content management systems, the data first needs to be structured, a major roadblock.

CMS Wire in an article titled How AI-Driven Search Could Bring Us Closer to the Intelligent Workplace says:

AI-enabled search promises to transform the way people interact with information and digital assets, driving new efficiencies and creating value from information that has been all but lost in the “digital junk drawers

Unlike search queries made by general users, corporate queries will have to produce precise results. For this to happen, the underlying data to be indexed by the AI system needs to be highly structured. However, considering the complex and sensitive nature of corporate data, how large corporations will allow third-parties to develop AI driven search remains to be seen.

What would be more interesting to see is how employees of such organizations will be able to use these AI assistants on their smartphones for executing corporate queries.

Vishal Ingole, March 22, 2017