The Business of Smart Homes

Amazon with the help of consultants is helping people in select markets to make their existing homes smart. Apart from providing employment to the geeks, the move will also help Amazon upsell Alexa powered devices, smartly.

CEPro in the editorial Lessons from Amazon’s Smart Home Consultations says:

The advisors would analyze your home network, demonstrate a few products like Amazon Echo and Fire TV, fix things here-and-there inside the home, and follow up with recommendations for your smart home.

The author, however, is disappointed that the consultants did not carry any devices to sell even when she was ready to buy them right away. Also, the training seemed to be inadequate as the consultants had no inkling about other home automation products in the market. Amazon might be leaving money on the table if it’s not selling Alexa powered devices or for that matter any smart devices through its consultants.

Since Amazon is just starting on this kind of service, it will soon catch-up to the lost opportunities as it has done in other areas of the business.

Vishal Ingole, March 24, 2017