Microsoft Office 365 Learning Tools Go Multilingual

The tools that rely on natural language processing only get more impressive as time goes by.  A recent example is that Microsoft has upgraded their Learning Tools in Office 365 to include more languages.  Winbuzzer shares how Microsoft is improving this feature in the article, “Microsoft Brings Learning Tools To World Online And OneNote Online.”

Microsoft debuted Learning Tools in October 2016 for OneNote, later they were uploaded to Office 365 as a much needed and desirable upgrade.  Learning Tools’s goal is help users read information more effectively and for the first time they will now be available in multiple languages.  Heading to the View menu on Office 365, then selecting the Immersive Reader option can activate the feature.  Users will be able to use Learning Features in the following ways:

  • “Read Aloud—Reads text aloud with simultaneous highlighting that improves decoding, fluency and comprehension while sustaining the reader’s focus and attention.
  • Spacing—Optimizes font spacing in a narrow column view to improve reading fluency for users who suffer from visual crowding issues.
  • Syllables—Shows the breaks between syllables to enhance word recognition and decoding.
  • Parts of Speech—Supports writing instruction and grammar comprehension by identifying verbs, nouns and adjectives.” 

Learning Tools is a downloadable reading tutor that even Sesame Street would be proud to use.  While the benefits for children just learning how to read and seniors with poor eyesight are obvious, slow readers, auditory learners, and people wanting to read better in a foreign language will also reap the rewards.

Whitney Grace, March 30, 2017