Automated Houses Can Be Awkward

Old folks like to tell me that newer technology makes life more complicated.  The question, however, is who does it make life complicated for?  Older folks are the most common victims, but even the younger generations have problems with the latest technological craze, or if the wifi is not working, or their batteries run out of juice.  While it sucks when technology gets the better of us, often times it results in comedy gold.

My case in point comes from the sitcom Life In Pieces about a large family and the hilarious mishaps that plague their lives.  Unlike other sitcoms, Life In Pieces is told in four vignettes told over twenty-three minutes.  In the season two episode “Awkward Bra Automated Ordained,” Greg (played by Colin Hanks) has the brilliant idea to convert his house into a smart home.  He changes everything from door locks, lights, HVAC, and fire sprinkler system over to a smart home device, going as far as to remove the outdated items, including door locks that use keys.

Of course, nothing goes right for Greg.  The smart home device has a poor natural language processing algorithm and it misinterprets everything that Greg says.  The end result is that the house malfunctions and acts like a possessed demon.  He locks his wife and daughter of the house, he turns up the heat, sets the fire sprinklers off, and his embarrassing exercise music plays.

We can hope that actual smart home devices and digital assistants have a better comprehension of English.  One way you can view the episode is via Amazon: Life In Pieces, season two, episode fifteen “Awkward Bra Automated Ordained.”

Whitney Grace, March 31, 2017