How Will Digital Assistants Affect Childrens Growth?

The Lexington Herald Leader shares, “How Millions of Kids Are Being Shaped by Alexa and Her Siblings.” Interactions between machine and child might prompt developmental changes we were not expecting. Reporter Michael S. Rosenwald writes:

Psychologists, technologists and linguists are only beginning to ponder the possible perils of surrounding kids with artificial intelligence, particularly as they traverse important stages of social and language development.

From growing accustomed to not using “please” and “thank you” to asking the AI instead of a parent for homework help, children in Alexa-equipped households already demonstrate patterns different from previous generations’. Technology (television, cars, the printing press) always affect the way kids develop, but the two-way interaction with AI seems to make this different. See the article for more information.

Cynthia Murrell, April 4, 2017