AI Eats Dominos Pizza

Food and apps go well together, but when artificial intelligence is added to the mix things skip the main course and go straight to the AI dessert.  The popular pizza chain Domino’s has added a NLP platform to their Domino’s Robotics Unit (DRU), allowing their customers to vocally order their pizza on the app.  ZDNet explains how the upgrade works in the article, “Domino’s Partners With Nuance For DRU Artificial Intelligence.”

Domino’s DRU equipped Nuance’s Nina, a program that speakers with customers in human-like conversation.  DRU will not only be able to help people order a pizza, but also carry a conversation on menus, ingredients, locations, and operating hours.  It does not stop there; DRU will also be compatible with the new smart speakers, Amazon Echo and Google Home-except Australia.  Australia does not have voice-activated devices.

Domino’s CEP Don Meji sees this as the start of the “Internet of Food”:

’In 2017, Domino’s is going from mobile first to AI first. That means that from this year onwards we will be developing nearly all of our platforms with an insight to engaging with AI and machine learning first as we adapt to all the different devices in society,’ Meij explained.

This is not the only advancement Domino’s has made.  Domino’s also has a drone delivery unit, people can order a pizza via Facebook Messenger, and Domino’s Anywhere allowing customers to order a pizza by dropping a pin on a map.

This is innovative thinking and will keep Domino’s a competitive fast food player, except in Australia.  Poor Australia and their lack of voice-activated machines and Domino’s Pizza.

Whitney Grace, April 10, 2017