Bitext and Deep Linguistic Analysis: The Next Big Thing in Language Processing

I just read a remarkable interview with Dr. Antonio Valderrabanos, founder and chief executive officer of Bitext. The company has created a Deep Linguistic Platform. The statements in the interview lead me to believe that Bitext’s platform will enable a wide range of TEXT ANALYTICS FOR voice-enabled applications.

Bitext is not in the business of making consumer products like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Bitext enables systems which embody machine learning and artificial intelligence to do a more accurate job of making sense of what humans write and say. The Bitext PLATFORM can improve the accuracy of smart software. One reason is that the Bitext PLATFORM itself is smart software which can extract meaning and context from more than 40 languages.

I highlighted this statement from the informative interview with Dr. Valderrabanos:

Linguistic applications will form a new type of operating system.

The idea that computational linguistics and other advanced technologies have been joined together as an operating system was a new insight for me.

You can read the full text of the interview on Stephen E Arnold’s Search Wizards Speak site, which covers a wide range of content processing and text analysis topics via interviews with experts. The Bitext Web site is at

If you drive a Volkswagen or an Audi, you are involved with Bitext technology. Both companies are its customers. In addition, Bitext has license deals with one of the major manufacturers of home automation devices. The company also counts one of the pre-eminent search and retrieval firms as one of its licenses.

Bitext is an innovator that is delivering breakthroughs which seem to solve HIGHLY COMPLEX language problems.

Whitney Grace, April 11, 2017