Alexa Gets Groovy with Yamahas MusicCast

The article on One News Page titled Yamaha’s MusicCast Pairs Up with Alexa describes the integration of MusicCast, a cutting edge audio system, with Amazon Alexa. MusicCast is designed for multiple room, wireless music, in the same vein as Sonos. Paired with Alexa, users will have even more control over the system. The announcement states,

MusicCast is the most versatile and powerful wireless multiroom audio system on the market, and the integration with Amazon Alexa makes it even easier to control,” said Bob Goedken, general manager of Yamaha’s AV division in a press release. Yamaha follows other multi-room systems which have also announced voice control, including Sonos and DTS Play-Fi. It wants to make its experience as easy as saying “Alexa play music” without a complicated “Alexa tell Sonos to play music in the bedroom” or similar.

This brief description doesn’t answer questions about how the voice control will compete when the music is playing. Shouting matches with blaring music seem entirely possible. But besides that concern, the prospect of controlling each speaker and receiver through Alexa sounds like a promising new venture in the smart home industry. The partnership is set to be available through updates by fall of 2017.

Chelsea Kerwin, April 13, 2017