Another Chatbot for the Billion+ Consumers

The dedicated AI team at Microsoft is taking another dig at chatbot with Ruuh, an AI based chatbot meant specifically for the Indian market. Ruuh in literal sense means conscience.

In an article published by ZDNet and titled Microsoft Launches Ruuh, yet Another AI Chatbot, the author says:

Microsoft launched its latest AI chatbot on February 7. Microsoft filed for a trademark for Ruuh on March 15. Ruuh’s interests include “Chatting, Bollywood, Music, Humour, Travel & Browsing Internet.

This is the third attempt by Microsoft to gain a foothold in the chatbot market. The reason Microsoft is keen on India is due to the fact that around 60% of the 1.25 billion population is below 25 years of age, which if tapped now, will reap rich dividends later. Monetizing the app, however, will be a problem. But with the first chatbot designed specifically for the Indian customer, Microsoft has done the right thing. Unless Google or Amazon does something dramatic, moderate success can be assured.

Vishol Ingole, April 14, 2017