New Insights and Capabilities for Alexa

The article titled Amazon Alexa Developers Can Now Ask for Customer’s Location, Track their Skills’ Performance on TechCrunch discusses the new metrics dashboard and device address API for Alexa that improve developer tracking capabilities and specific location data, respectively. The latter also includes a built-in protection to avoid accidental voice confirmations for sharing location. The article offers details on the new dashboard,

The dashboard is being made available in the developer portal, and presents a high-level view of the app’s metrics in the overview tab – like total customers, sessions, utterances, etc. A separate sessions tab will let developers drill down into this data further, to see things like the number of successful end session types, average number of sessions per customer, average number of utterances by customer, and more.

With the new dashboard, developers will have an easier time understanding what is working and failing in their skill based on the number of customers, how the customers use the skill, and tracking failed utterances by intent. As for the device address API, that is aimed at enhancing location-based skills and has already been embraced by Accuweather for local weather forecasting information, Just Eat for streamlined food ordering, and Real for local news and retail discounts.

Chelsea Kerwin, April 18, 2017