Alexa Bar the Door

Electronic locks are nothing new, but one major manufacturer now links their systems to Alexa-based voice commands. SlashGear reports, “Kwikset Smart Locks Get Alexa Voice Control.” Readers may be relieved to know that, though Alexa will be able to lock a door at on command, voice unlocking remains unavailable. For now. Writer Brittany A. Roston reveals:

SmartCode locks are compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, and include features like programmable user codes, an anti-lock picking/bumping feature, and one-touch locking, among other things.

Will physical keys go the way of the horse buggy and the MP3 player? The feature is available for Kwikset SmartCode models 910, 914, and 916. Samsung SmartThings is a platform for connecting and managing a rapidly expanding array of smart devices.

Cynthia Murrell, April 20, 2017