Amazon Alexa Gets Frisky

Digital assistants are supposed to be sophisticated and bland, but the rare glitch can make them frisky.   ABC Action News shares how one little boy playing with his family’s Alexa for more than the song he requested in the story, “Boy Requests Song From Amazon, But Gets Porn Instead.”

In a recent viral video titled “Amazon Alexa Gone Wild” a little boy asks Alexa via his Amazon Echoto play the song “Digger, Digger.”  The boy is very young, so his speech is a tad difficult to understand.  After requesting the song multiple times, Alexa responds with Alexa responds, “Do you want to hear a station for porn?”  The digital assistant then proceeds to list a bunch of naughty terms, while the boy’s family panics and yell for Alexa to stop.  After the video was posted it was only a matter of time before it became viral:

The man who filmed the incident discussed the video in a separate YouTube video. ‘As soon as that video happened, once I shut it off, I said, That has to go viral,’ he said.

According to the New York Post, Amazon has fixed the glitch and is “working to build additional restrictions to prevent this from happening in the future.” The Post added that Amazon has apologized to the family.

This cannot be the only incident of Alexa being asked inappropriate requests.  Once the adults are gone, kids are the first to test the limits of propriety.  Do you remember looking up curse words in the dictionary at school?  Kids are asking Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Cortana, and other digital assistants not only curse words, but to also pull up porn and other mature content.  This incident just so happened to be hilariously caught.

Whitney Grace, April 28, 2017