Hello Moto Alexa

Motorola makes its smartphones known with its ad campaign.  A sexy, European woman spouts the phrase: “hello moto” to give Motorola smartphones a mysterious, edgy vibe.  The European woman should start saying, “hello Alexa,” because Amazon Alexa will be a new accessory to the phone.  Wireless and Mobile News shares that, “Moto To Mod With Amazon Alexa + Integrate Alexa With All Smartphones.”

Other than the simple catchphrase, Moto phones are known for their add-on accessories dubbed Moto Mods.  Moto Mods snap onto the back of Motorola phones with magnets and enhance the phones abilities.  The Mods are such things as a battery power pack, a camera lens, and a projector.  Amazon Alexa will be a new Mod, which will be available later this year for the Moto Z model.  What will the Mod Alexa do?

With the Amazon Alexa Moto Mod, you can do daily tasks while on the go, such as controlling your smart home, checking the news, ask for Uber, and other Amazon Alexa skills using your voice. For example, when you start your commute home, you can ask Alexa to adjust your home’s temperature so it’s comfortable when you get there. Or, you can buy something from Amazon Prime without a computer or smartphone. You can also say, “Alexa, enable Feel-Goodies” and then any time when say “Alexa, do Feel-Goodies” she will say something to help you feel better about yourself.

The Alexa Mod will always be on so that it will be able to listen to user commands.  This will, of course, put extra strain on the battery life and will require the phone to be unlocked at all times.  Motorola phones are known for their battery longevity and the Alexa Mod might even have some battery recharging capabilities.

The bigger concerns come with security, but also later this year, as Moto further integrates Alexa into its system, the phone will not need to be unlocked.

Security and privacy will be an increasing concern as Alexa and Google Home devices become more popular.   Do hackers already have ways to vocally command these digital assistants to share a user’s personal information?  Perhaps the hackers and the digital assistants only whisper to each other.

Whitney Grace, May 2, 2017