Voice Technology Gives Computers a Face Lift

One thing evolving faster than organic life is a computer.  Fortune recently spoke with head of Amazon Alexa Paul Cutsinger about how computers are changing, “This Major Change Is Coming To Computer Design, Says Head Of Amazon Alexa.”

The article starts with small description how computers have changed since the 1970s from punch cards to terminals to touch screens, but the next big thing will be voice technology and artificial intelligence.  Paul Cutsinger predicts this is the next computer evolution based off his work as the head of Alexa voice education.

Cutsinger believes we are not far away from holding deep and rich conversations with personal technology.  He thinks the way this is going to happen is reevaluating how we text and write and that computer design needs to start over again:

Applying what we learned from responsive design for mobile won’t work for voice. If you apply the old principles, you’ll have a command-and-control system,’ says Cutsinger, explaining that command-and-control makes sense for touchscreen design but not for voice-based interactions.

Part of this redesign centered on voice technology is Antonio Valderrabanos and his company Bitext, centered in Madrid.  Bitext’s specialization is deep language analysis geared towards improving text analytics and content processing a big part of voice technology.

Whitney Grace, May 2, 2017