Get to a Better State with Alexa

Just as you did not think that Amazon had invaded all available markets, it now moves into insurance.  Fin Tech shares that insurance company Allstate and Amazon have joined forces to integrate Allstate’s services into Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant read about it in the story, “Allstate Adds Amazon Alexa Capability.”

It seems that more and more services are moving to cloud-based computing.  With new digital assistants, getting information and connecting to services is only a question away. Amazon Alexa is offering customers a way to connect with potential clients via the cloud and Allstate is taking advantage of the new technology.

By integrating itself into Amazon Alexa, current and new Allstate customers will be able to connect to an agent and look up their insurance bill.  Allstate already has a track record for technological innovations and Amazon Alexa integration was the next logical venue.  Allstate will be a new skill that users will be able to download onto their Amazon Echo:

Allstate identified opportunities for customers and consumers to utilize voice assistant capabilities to receive information from a local agent. Customers can enable the Allstate skill from the Skills section of the Amazon Alexa app. Once the Allstate skill is enabled, customers can invoke the skill by saying, ‘Alexa, ask Allstate…’ and find an Agent using zip code search, find their Agent’s contact information, or when their auto insurance bill is due.

The next step should be allowing Allstate customers to pay their bill via Alexa and adding new services onto their plans.  Other insurance agencies will probably be following Allstate’s example as the market slides more towards digital assistants.

Whitney Grace, May 3, 2017