Alexa Wears More Than One Robot Hub

Amazon Alexa is a digital assistant that can be accessed on the Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot hubs.  While Alexa can be accessed on other devices, none of them have gotten much prevalence yet.  Tech Moran explains that LG might have the next hub users want to download Alexa into: “LG’s Robot Hub & Amazon’s Alexa Tie Up The Entire Smart home Together.”

One thing people love to do with Alexa is program their home to be a smart home, but it usually requires buying extra technology to make a home smart.  LG’s solution was to build the LG Robot Hub that unites all LG appliances into one single user interface: Alexa.  LG is interested in making their appliances compatible with the next generation of home design.

’Our Hub Robot has enabled us to transform our home appliances to be smart, useful products for everyday consumers – thanks to Amazon Alexa’s voice control technology. So far the technology has been the game changer in IoT connectivity. It’s flexible and innovation-driven,’ LG East Africa Marketing Manager Moses Marji commented.  Leveraging on the incredible LG Hub robots, Marji noted that LG want to bring consumers the possibility of not just a smart home, but a truly intelligent home – one that enables their consumers to automate their home and control it as they want.

LG is an example of how companies are augmenting their products to comply with the Internet of Things, that is, old analog items are upgraded to have wifi, be digital, include speech recognition technology, etc.   Speech recognition technology, one use is chatbots, is notoriously bad, but there are companies like Bitext that specialize in software using text analysis and linguistics to make them as smart as the smart home they power.

Whitney Grace, May 4, 2017