Voice Controlled Drones Rule the Skies

Drones are a cool annoyance.  They allow people to take cool videos and photos, but they invade airspace and can also violate people’s privacy.  While drones are controlled by a remote control, they also have vocal command capabilities.  Cisco Blogs shares that speech-controlled drones are on the rise in the post, “Speech-Controlled Drones And Bots For Enterprise.”  Most of the information on the Internet about speech-enabled drones is for individual hobby enthusiasts, but Cisco is working on building enterprise capable drones and incorporates it into its Autonomous Systems Application Platform.

Cisco is aware that the market is fresh for drones that are compatible with enterprise security, reliability, and scalability that will respond to voice and gesture to commands.  Visit the link to the article and you will see a chart that explains how enterprise drones could work:

Cisco’s Karan Sheth collaborated with Built.io’s Nishant Patel and team to create a collection of enterprise-class, speech-controlled bots. As described in the diagram above, a user’s arbitrary speech or Spark commands were delivered to Cisco’s private cloud environment over Built.io’s cloud and secure enterprise gateway infrastructure. Once inside the secure infrastructure, even the smallest of hardware like Raspberry Pi could execute intended workflow commands without worrying about security or access control.

The same probable workflow would also work for sensors, robots, workflows, scripts, and other AI tools.  An interchangeable network that can be tooled for any new voice-enabled tool, including the new Amazon Alexa and Google Home, is opening a whole new market of possibilities for people to work and interact with their environments.

Whitney Grace, May 4, 2017