Multiple Ways to Get Alexa on the Way

Excitement builds up around anything new.  Take the new Amazon Alexa digital assistant available via the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.  People are thrilled that they are living in the future when they can state a simple vocal command and Alexa will respond with accurate information.  With every bit of excitement that surrounds the new technology, there is as much confusion about how to get it to work.

The My IT Forum has many posts about how to get Amazon Alexa up and running and this post explains the easiest way, “Alexa Tip: Ways To Enable Alexa Skills.”  The confusion about how to get Alexa working stems from the multiple ways there are to download Alexa skills, the digital assistant equivalent of apps.  The post outlines three ways to download Alexa skills in simple, bullet point lists:

Through the app 

(on your iOS or Android smartphone or on the web
From the left navigation panel, select Skills.
When you locate a skill you want to try out, select Enable Skill. 


You can enable skills for your Alexa devices on Amazon’s web site here:

Note that you need to be logged into the web site using your user account.

Using voice

If you already know the name of the skill you want to enable just say: “Alexa, enable [skill name] skill.

It sounds like (pun not intended) once you learn the individual ways to download the Amazon Alexa skills, learning how to use and disable them is as simple as opening your mouth and speaking.

Whitney Grace, May 5, 2017