Here Is Another Virtual Assistant to Play With

Facebook, fearing not to be left behind has released its own AI-based virtual assistant named M. Unlike as stated earlier by the company, M just suggests solutions based on a conversation between two people.

As reported by The Motley Fool in an editorial titled Facebook’s “M” Joins a Growing List of Virtual Assistants, the author says:

M will pop up in a conversation and provide limited assistance with some very mundane tasks. If M recognizes that the conversation is about payments, it provides the option of sending or requesting money.

So far, only Amazon’s Alexa and to some extent Google’s Home look promising in terms of capabilities. Other like Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri are just search result refining algorithms with supposed AI capabilities. However, none of the AI-based assistants can understand or answer complex questions or even ask follow-up questions to answer complicated questions accurately.

As of now, only one thing can be said about AI. The days of machines taking over from humans are far far away.

Vishal Ingole, May 8, 2017