Alexa Pairs up with Established Lock Company for Smart Deadbolt

The article on Digital Trends titled Protecting Your Home is Easier Than Ever With This Alexa-Connected Smart Lock tells the story of Schlage, an Allegion brand establishes nearly 100 years ago, and its leap into voice activation technology through a partnership with Amazon Alexa. What will this mean for users? No more keys, remote control over your locks, and enhanced alarms in case of unwelcome visitors. The article states,

Smart home technology is all about incrementalism, whether it’s consumer adoption or brands integrating with mega-technology platforms,” said Rob Martens, futurist and vice president of strategy and partnerships at Allegion. “Schlage is committed to providing the ultimate security and convenience, and we are proud to now integrate with Alexa to provide consumers with added convenience through Alexa-enabled devices.

The convenience and security of the system will be a selling point for people who are forgetful and for people who worry about safety. There is an anti-pick shield to prevent tampering with the lock, and the option of choosing and tracking up to 30 individual codes that can be customized to specific times. Smart houses will soon be full of people sleeping soundly, assured that Alexa has their backs— and their locks.

Chelsea Kerwin, May 10, 2017