Not All Amazon Alexa Skills Are Created Equal

The Amazon Alexa Skills store is very similar to the Apple App Store.  One of the ways they are alike is that some of the Skills are worthless, just like some of the apps are worthless.  The My IT Forum explains how to tell a good Skill from a bad one in the post, “Alexa Tip: Troubleshooting Alexa Skills.”

The way to troubleshoot an Alexa Skills is like turning a computer on and off.  Sometimes you have to delete and redownload the Skill, other times you have to do other things:

If a Skill doesn’t “enable” or stops working after a period of time, the first step to troubleshooting is to locate the Skill in the Alexa app or on the web and disable and re-enable it. If this doesn’t work, you may have to either reboot Alexa (remove power and wait for her power up again), or force Alexa into Setup mode to have the device reset connections.

Turning Skills off and on again?  One would think we would have figured out ways to make any technology work without having to do that.  However, some pieces of technology are not worth trying to fix and result in more headaches than helpfulness.  That is when you give up and try to find another Skill that provides comparable services.

Whitney Grace, May 16, 2017