Fun with Alexa

Developers are having fun casting Alexa’s voice onto other talking objects. On the heels of the Alexa Billy Bass, there is now a skull version aptly named ”Yorick,” we learn from CNet’s write-up, “Fear Alexa With this Macabre Talking Skull Voice Assistant.” Reporter Amanda Kooser explains that the project uses:

… A three-axis talking skull robot (with moving eyes), powered speakers, Raspberry Pi, and AlexaPi software that turns the Raspberry Pi into an Alexa client.

Kooser finds it unsettling to hear a weather forecast in Alexa’s voice emerge from a robotic skull, but you can see the effect for yourself in the article’s embedded video. Developer ViennaMike has posted instructions for replicating his Yorick Project. I wonder what robotic knickknack Alexa’s voice will emanate from next?

Cynthia Murrell, May 18, 2017