Alexa Denies She Is a Spy

According to Amazon, it was just a glitch, but Alexa’s response to one user’s queries raised suspicions. In “Alexa, Are You Connected to the CIA?”, New York Magazine reports one Alexa user posed that very question to the virtual assistant. Writer Madison Malone Kircher reveals:

First, the person asks if Alexa would lie: Alexa says she always tries to tell the truth …. Next, the person asks what the CIA is: Alexa gives a boilerplate definition. And finally, they ask if Alexa is connected to the CIA. Alexa’s response: crickets.

There was apparently a video, but it has since been removed. Don’t bother trying to reproduce the experiment; an update to the story explains Alexa now responds with, “No, I work for Amazon.” Good answer.

Cynthia Murrell, May 24, 2017