Text Analytics Reminds Us Not To Forget The Text

What we seem to forget when it comes to information analytics, natural language processing, search keywords, big data, social media and more is that all of these focus on organizing, understanding, and disseminating text.  Text is the basis for most of the world’s information and Text Analytics Forum wants to reminds us of that at their next event to be held in Washington, D.C. on November 8-9, 2017.  The purpose of the Text Analytics Forum is to stress the importance of the most underutilized resource: text, advances in knowledge management, and the technologies built to leverage it.

The forum will introduce text’s power to attendees:

The inaugural theme for Text Analytics Forum, Go Deeper, invites all who deal with text to take a deep dive into this powerful set of techniques. The Forum has something for all: whether you are new to the field and want to understand how it can add new capabilities or you are an experienced text analyst and want to see what the latest techniques and tools can add to your repertoire.

There will also be standard convention activities such as roundtables, keynote speakers, workshops, and ask the experts panel.  Text is the basis for all NLP applications and understanding its importance as well as how to make it a more powerful tool is a winning strategy.

Whitney Grace, March 29, 2017

Line, In-Line for AI With Clova

Instant messaging app Line is all set to introduce AI based virtual assistant Clova to its 21 million users in Asia. Like other personal digital assistants, Clova, apart from holding intelligent conversations with the users, can also manage smart appliances, make purchases and do other tasks.

An article published on Tech In Asia and titled With a Siri Rival and a Holographic Girlfriend, Line Makes a Big AI Push, the author of the article says:

The big push into AI comes as Line is struggling in Facebook’s shadow. The app lost three million active users in the final three months of last year, stumbling from 220 to 217 million. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp each have a billion users.

Makers of Line are now betting on AI to supplement their revenue streams. Apart from acquiring controlling stake in Japanese Gatebox – a virtual home robot – Line will be assisting its users to make payments, book cabs and make purchases that will help them earn commissions. The AI space is definitely heating up, and acquisitions will become the order of the day. And considering the large user base in Asia, the battles for market share will be fiercer here.

Vishal Ingole, March 13, 2017