AI Fear Mongering?

Huffpost Tech exclaims, “Google’s New AI Becomes ‘Highly Aggressive’ to Get What It Wants.” Is the robot rebellion beginning? Reporter Oscar Williams describes an experiment wherein two DeepMind agents learned to compete for a limited number of virtual apples—by pulling out virtual lasers. He writes:

Without using the laser beams, they would end up with equal numbers of apples, so the aggression was rewarded. And the more sophisticated the neural network, the more aggressive the agents became.

In another game, however, in which cooperation was rewarded, the AIs … cooperated. The software, it seems, will adapt to each situation—which is just what we want it to do. As for aggressively pursuing “what it wants,” remember that depends entirely on what programmers have specified.

Cynthia Murrell, March 1, 2017

Amazons Alexa Sees Rapid Adoption Among Companies

Tech companies are rapidly adopting voice command tech, and Amazon’s Alexa seems to be winning the race.

A news article on Investor titled Amazon Alexa Dominates Voice-Command Tech at CES 2017 reveals:

At CES 2017, numerous companies announced that they are using Amazon’s Alexa voice-response technology to control their devices with spoken commands.

Though Apple with Siri and Google with Google Voice were one of the early adopters of voice-based tech assistants, Amazon with Alexa has taken a substantial lead.

One of the reasons for Alexa’s large scale adoption can be attributed to the fact that it has been released to third-party developers so that they can integrate Alexa into their smart devices. Interestingly, Google used a similar strategy to gain a stronghold on the mobile OS market.

Amazon no more is just an online retailer. Matter of fact, with Alexa, Amazon will be able to create an army of loyal customers that will be hard to match.

Vishal Ingole, February 23, 2017